Exhibition Technical Manual

Exhibition Technical Manual

Dear Exhibitor,
We are pleased to share with you this Exhibition Technical Manual.
The exhibition is part of the Airspace Integration Week, taking place from 25 – 27 September  2023 at IFEMA MADRID, Madrid, Spain.
Please read this manual thoroughly as it provides important information and is designed to assist you in preparing for the Airspace Integration Week.
Please forward this manual to everyone working on this project, including your agency and/or your stand builder. 

Exhibitors and Supporters Portal

The Exhibitors’ Portal enables Exhibitors and Supporters to:

  • Submit Company logo and profile
  • Order Lead retrieval (Barcode readers)
  • Order additional exhibitor badges
  • Submit booth drawing (for “Space Only” booths)
  • Submit other deliverables as per contract

Login details to access the Portal are sent to the company representative who signed the contract. 

Link to access the Portal https://exhibitorportal.kenes.com


  • One user per company – the login details have been sent to the contact person who signed the contract. This person is responsible for passing on the login details to any third party if needed.
  • The contract holder will be charged with any purchase made by their employee, stand builder or agency, unless requested otherwise in writing.
  • Access to all Portal services will be available only after submission of your company logo and profile.
  • Please note that access to the portal allows the user to see information from previous transactions made by your company with Kenes Group.
  • Only deliverables indicated in your contract, should be submitted. Items that are not included in your contract will not be processed.
  • Keep the Exhibitor’s Portal link together with your login information on hand for future reference.

Please note that there will be 2 exhibitor´s webshops, to be used depending on the services needed.

IFEMA’s Services Catalogue 

Through the webshop (“IFEMA´s Services Catalogue”) you can access all services from the venue: electrical services, rigging, certification, telecommunications, cleaning and containers, parking and security.

Access to the IFEMA webshop: ENGLISH // SPANISH

Please note that the username and password has been sent to the contact person who signed the space contract.

If you have not received your credentials or you have lost them, you can contact: customerservice@ifema.es or atencionalcliente@ifema.es  

Your stand builder can also access the webshop, but it is necessary to create a new username and a password, search for the booth number and hire the services for that space in particular.


Mestalla Online Webshop 

Mestalla is the exclusive provider for shell scheme booths and recommended builder for free design stands at IFEMA MADRID.

The services Mestalla offers are:

  • Stand Design & Turnkey Projects
  • Carpet, Padding, Raised Flooring
  • Electrical Accessories
  • Official Shell Scheme Provider
  • Furnishings
  • Graphics & Hanging Banners
  • AV Equipment
  • Plants
  • Labor

For any orders for your booth, please access Mestalla´s Online Webshop: https://events.mestalla.com.es  or contact Sandra Álvarez.


Login details to access both stores will be sent to the company´s representative, who was in charge of signing the contract.


Stand Set- Up Early Move-in for Space only**               Only stand construction material will be allowed to unload this day. Thursday, 21 September** 11:00 – 21:30
Space only stand move-in Friday, 22 September 08:30 – 21:30
All exhibitor move-in Saturday, 23 September 08:30 – 21:30
All exhibitor move-in. All major stand construction must be completed and all aisles cleared by 18:00  to allow sufficient time to finish preparing the Exhibit Hall for opening. Sunday, 24 September 08:30 – 21:30
Open Hours for Exhibitors Monday, 25 September 08:00* – 19:30
Tuesday, 26 September 08:30* – 18:00
Wednesday, 27 September 08:30 *– 14:00
Dismantle Wednesday, 27 September 14:00 – 21:30
Thursday, 28 September 08:30 – 21:30

**Early move in slots have a fee of 850 EUR + VAT per truck.

*Invited guests must be escorted by Exhibitors, until general open hours.

Important notes for exhibitors:  

  • Timetable is subject to change.
  • Empty crates and packaging material must be removed after set-up and no later than Sunday, September 24 at 18:00.
  • Early Move in fee is 850 EUR + VAT per truck. For early move in requests, please contact Teresa Tejedor.
  • Dismantling of the booth before the official closig hour is not permitted.
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to dispose of all materials after dismantling. Any charges incurred for waste removal will be sent to the exhibitor.
  • Read through the Set Up and Take Down Safety Procedures 
  • Review the Exhibitor Move-In information.

Please see here the list of deadlines and key dates.

Exhibitor Badges

  • Each exhibiting company is entitled to free exhibitor badges. The amount of free exhibitor badges is stated in your contract, and determined by your booth size.
    5 exhibitor badges will be given for each 9 sqm booked, up to a maximum of 90 badges.
  • You can register the staff attending the show here or by filling in the Bulk Registration Form and sending it to: AIWeekRegistration@CompleteReg.com
  • The exhibitor badges allow access to all activities of Airspace Integration Week.
  • Exhibitor badges can be collected at the registration desk onsite during registration opening hours
  • Additional exhibitor badges may be purchased at the rate of EUR 50 (not including VAT) per badge.

For any enquiries related to registration, please contact: AIWeekRegistration@CompleteReg.com

Build up and Dismantle Crew Badges

Individuals who assist with the setup and dismantle of the stand should register for the Crew pass here. This pass does NOT include access to the event.

Exhibition Floor Plan & List of Exhibitors

The exhibition floor plan has been designed to maximize the exhibitor’s exposure to the delegates. Please note that the floorplan is subject to change.

To access the exhibition floor plan and see the location of each booth, please click here.
For full list of exhibitors and supporters – click here



Address:  Av. del Partenón, 5, 28042 Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 917 22 30 00
Website: https://www.ifema.es/en 

Exhibition Hall 

The exhibition will be held in Hall 12 which is located close to the South Entrance.

Technical information

Rules and Regulations for Exhibitors 

Information on Rigging 

Guidelines for Sustainable Participation

Custom Stand Design Parameters 

Labor Risk & Health and Safety Form – to be submitted directly to IFEMA MADRID.

See all rules and regulations here 

Shell Scheme Booths 

If you have pre‐booked a shell scheme, please check here the information. 

Exhibitors requiring additional services or equipment may visit the webshop of the exclusive shell scheme provider, Mestalla and order directly from there.

Please note that the login details are sent only to the company´s representative who has signed the contract, and in order to login, the email address and password are required.

Space Only Booths

Exhibitors using independent contractors are required to submit the following for approval by Monday, August 21:

  • A signed copy of the “Custom Stand Design Parameters” (page 2 of this document)
  • Color Renderings from 2 distinct viewpoints
  • Diagram showing dimensions of all elements of the stand, including the flooring and any hanging elements (if applicable)
  • Plan view showing orientation of stand in relation to aisles & neighboring stands.

Please submit the files through the Kenes Exhibitor’s Portal: https://exhibitorportal.kenes.com

Check the Free Stand Design Rules & Regulations and review the venue´s Rules and Regulations.


If you are looking for a stand builder,  Mestalla is the recommended builder for free design stands at IFEMA MADRID.

Contact airspacecongress@mestalla.com.es to ask for a quote.

If you are looking for a lead retrieval app to scan the attendees´ badges, please find more information on the solution offered by CompleteReg here.

Rates from 500$ per scanner with app.

For any questions, please reach out to: CompleteLEADS@CompleteREG.com

Order here


Daily booth cleaning can be ordered directly with IFEMA MADRID via the Services Catalogue Webshop ENGLISH // SPANISH

Internet & Wi-Fi  

Complimentary Wi-Fi will be provided by the conference during official conference days in most areas. This public Wi-Fi connection is limited for basic web browsing or checking emails.
Should you have any internet-based feature/device/activity at your booth (for example: product demonstrations), we strongly recommend ordering a dedicated internet connection for your booth (wireless or wired connection) to guarantee a consistent internet connection inclusive of technical support.
Wired internet and Wi-Fi connection can be ordered directly with IFEMA MADRID via the Services Catalogue Webshop ENGLISH // SPANISH


  • Please do not leave any bags, boxes, suitcases or any type of product unattended at any time, whether inside or outside the exhibition area.
  • Neither the venue nor the organiser can accept responsibility for the security of the booths and their contents. The venue as well as the organiser are not liable for any possible loss, theft and/or damage occurred during the rental period of any private property or goods. Exhibitors are fully responsible for the security of their booth and equipment.
  • If you wish to hire security for your booth, this can be done with IFEMA MADRID via the Services Catalogue Webshop-  ENGLISH // SPANISH

Catering: delivery and receptions

Life Gourmet Catering is the exclusive catering provider for this event.

Absolutely no food or beverage from outside the venue is allowed into the premises without prior written approval from the venue. This includes bottled water.
Exhibitors who wish to order food and beverages for their booth are welcome to do so directly with Kenes Group, by contacting Maria Bernal.

The exhibitor must consider the space available on the booth to store and display the requested deliveries.


For any hostess request for your booth, please contact our recommended provider, Hands for Events: Ángela Olmo


DSV is our partner for the Shipping, unloading and storage at IFEMA MADRID.

Shipments sent directly to the venue, will be refused.

Short-term storage of materials left over after assembly (empty boxes, crates, cases , palettes etc.) should be coordinated with DSV team (payable service).
Under no circumstances may packing materials of any kind be left in the aisles, on the booths, around or behind the booths.
Please contact DSV directly with any questions: Matías Kreiman  / Santiago Salso


Insurance policy is obligatory for everyone who exhibits at Airspace Integration Week 2023.
Each exhibitor must have an insurance policy which includes:

  • Geographical Scope
  • Sum Insured of property (with reference to the property on the exhibition)
  • Insured limit of General & Procucts liability
  • Coverage for exhibitions

Shipping Instructions 

DSV SOLUTIONS SPAIN  has been appointed the official forwarding agent for this event.
DSV offers the following services: customs clearance, delivery to the booth, freight forwarding, manpower & trolleys for un‐loading/loading during build‐up and dismantling, storage of empty crates, transportation to and from the exhibition hall.
For security, insurance, and efficiency reasons, DSV is the exclusive agent for move in and move out of the venue.

Exhibitors and stand builders are free to deliver their goods or to pick their goods up from outside the venue. Those who use their own facilities up to the venue are requested to coordinate their time schedule and unloading of their cargo into the venue with DSV.

Vehicles may not be driven into or inside the exhibition halls in the venue. All internal transportation within the premises, e.g. between the loading yard and the booth and all lifting and truck work shall consequently be provided by DSV and paid for by the exhibitor. No engine idling is permitted in and outside the exhibition halls.

Contact information:
Matías Kreiman – +34 911 838 827
Santiago Salso – +34 911 838 829

Below you can find all needed information for shipping, unloading and storage options:


The delivery and removal of materials and goods for the exhibition booths is allowed only by the official freight forwarder.
Please be advised that neither the organiser nor IFEMA MADRID can accept deliveries on an exhibitor’s behalf.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have. All Point of Contacts are listed here.

Have any doubts? Check our Frequent Asked Questions here.